Thursday, December 02, 2004

Chokher Baali

I had always heard about the greatness of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore... my first encouter with his literatue was in schools ... but at that time somehow I didn't feel the beauty of his literature.. this latest encounter with Choker Baali was really mind blowing... For the first time I realized what are masterpieces and Masters.. I mean if we consider the time when he wrote this novel we can just imagine how broad and mature minded he was. And the way he has handled this sensitive issue of a young widow and her feelings... And It will be very rude of me I don't praise the director of Chokher Baali... Mr Rituparno Ghosh.. what a tremendous job he has done... Probably there couldn't have been any one else who would have done a better job... I am going to see all of his movies now... Well !! If I start writing about the actors and acting ... I will have to write for another one hour.. so I won't touch that part here ... except that all the charaters were beautifully placed and the acting of all the actors especiall Aish and Rima Sen's was marvellous.. The only thing that I found somewhat very different and unusual was the ending of the movie.. may be Rabindranath wanted to relate with the Bangal division... but it was kind of unusual ... especially when everything was settled, a typical indian viewer like me was thinking that Vinodini and Bihari will get married ... Well !! Can't say ... probably this is the diffence in the mentality of a legend like Gurudev and someone like me ...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Which OS are U ??

Just filled up this questionaire .. and see what I ended with ... Very bad for me .. I was expecting a Red Hat Linux ... If you also want to know which OS you are just click on the above image.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


I think its time to write my own review of this movie... especially after pankaj forwarded me this link. I think Sourabh had lots of expectation with the movie and it always happens when U expect a lot from something and finally it doesn't appear as you had wanted. Contrary to the view expressed in the above link. This movie is not at all pathetic. It is a typical Yash Chopra movie. Full of emotional scenes (we boyz don't like it becoz boys dont cry) and songs. Well it was nearly 6 hrs for me (that includes movie time + travel time + time spent in fixing Jaya's bike's flat tyre) and it was not a complete waste. We/I hadn't much expectation from the movie and at many points the movie fared better than we had thought, in fact we enjoyed it. Ya Shahrukh is not a versatile actor like Aamir. But he can do justice to some roles, like the ones which he gets with Chopras or Johars and it was a Chopra movie. So this was a kind of tailor made role for Shahrukh and I can't picture any one else in that particular role. Its same like that I can't picture any one else in Shahrukh's role in KKHH and as far as I think he has done his best. About music. Certainly if Sourabh Nanda doesn't like the music of Veer-zara he shouldn't listen to hindi music. Come on you have got Lata Mangheshkar singing on Javed Akhtar's lyrics which are composed in Madan Mohan's tunes ... what else you want to listen... Probably he is tired with the way the songs are presented... but every song is unique and very melodious... and don't blame that it had lots of songs .. becoz this is supposed to be a musical and infact all yash chopra movies are musicals, probably you don't know how to appreciate musicals. Story was not that impressive .. in fact at many point I thought whether I am watching Gadar, but it was ok. Not a tragedy like usual love stories (the likes of Heer Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet ...) I think the director didn't stress on the Indo Pak issue or the Hindu Muslim issue because he knew that we have got bored with this and he wanted to think us, of that miniscus probablity of one indian boy and one pakistani girl falling in love. This was something different from regular movies otherwise it is always the same old Hindu/Muslim confilict or Indo-Pak masala. I mean can't we increase the level of our thinking. Ab't the line : "Tumhaare mulk mein saare bete aise hi hote hain kya" "Woh to nahin bata sakta... lekin saari maaein aapke jaisi hi hoti hain" Well in my opinion it was the best dialogue of the movie. Some Plus Points of the movie: 1. Yash Chopra (I think I am biased towards his movies) 2. Madan Mohan (Most melodious tunes) 3. Lata Mangeshkar (simpley rules our hearts) 4. Javed Akhtar (Has given life to the music of Madan mohan) 5. Preity (Zaara looks superb) 6. Amitabh Bachchan (He has a cameo ... but he has proved once again that he is Amitabh) 7. Divya Datta (The sabbo: will remind U of sweet and naughty village girl) 8. Picturisation of all the scenes are perfect 8. All the guest appearances are gr8 (Zohra Sehgal, Amitabh, Hema Malini, Certainly there were some things in the story which were hard to digest like the 22yrs of imprisonment of Shahrukh (all the time I was calculating the dates) and also the make up of Shahrukh and Preity Zinta sucks.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Fountain Head

Just finished reading this novel. Written by Ayn Rand, this one is very different from the other novels which I used to read earlier.. I mean much better then of the Sheldon's, Ludlum's, King's etc This novel talks about Heroics and cowards .. the concept of purity and impurity of soul... the selfishness and selflessness ... and is a heroic attempt to save heroism from second handers ... This is story of an Architect for whom his work is his God and his religion... and all through the book he alone fights with the world to save his religion/Profession which has already been polluted by the intellectually deprived once. Surely it is one of the best novels I have read so far.. I have become fond of the writer and looking forward to read her another novel "The Atlas Shrugged" -- ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

Saturday, October 30, 2004

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I m back ....

Back from home :) This recent trip was a very beautiful and one of the most memorable to home. I got the chance to meet all the persons who love me and care for me and vice versa ... It had a special significance because I met her for probably the last time time in my life... actually she was the driving force for this trip... we never spent much time together and may be itwas just 6th or 7th meeting of ours in last 4yrs and this time I was meeting her after a gap of 1 year... but we were so comfortable with each other that it never felt that we are meeting after such a long gap... anyway this story ended befor even starting formally, we never moved beyong being just 2 good friends... This time when I had a job in my hand and I was going to propose her ... I got to know that she is alread engaged to someone :( ... while talking to her I was imagining the scene frm DDLJ where Kajol was asking Shahrukh "Tum meri shadi main aaoge" and I could'nt say anything ... Well, atleast I learnt something, Never wait for time ... Just do it .. well everything else was very regular... mummy still says that I am becoming thinner day by day and Papa says that I am getting too much fat... Khushi (Didi's daughter) has started speaking and Somu has become naughtier... Everybody is talking of Bhaiya's marriage and Bhaiya is still reluctant for marriage ... For a change, this time I went to Mamaghar after... I guess 5-6 yrs...

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Is Google making a browser..

Seems this is the hot topic these days... if it does surely I'll be among the firsts to use that ...

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Monday, September 20, 2004

Placment List

My friends placed so far...
Virtusa Tintin<>
Virtusa Priyanka<>
Virtusa Devi<> Kanbay Ankit<> Kanbay PP<> Kanbay Imran<> Wipro Tiwary<> Wipro Kasak<> Wipro Piyush<> Wipro Manjeet<> Wipro Majji <> Wipro Manas<> Infosys Malik<> Infosys Gupta<> TCS Vinod<> TCS Bolero<> TCS Shadab<> TCS Anand<> TCS Kartika<> TCS Nalli<> TCS Jenny<> Verizon Bhopali<> Verizon Khare<> Verison Akhil<> Verizon Jaya<> Verizon Man<> Verizon Ramneek<> Verizon Bedi<> IBM Swati<> IBM Sam<> IBM Pandey<> IBM Mota<> IBM Adi<> IBM Akhil<> IBM Guddu<> IBM Sunny<> IBM Suman<> Amdocs UnderScore<> Oracle Deepika<> Oracle Vindhya<> Oracle Kunal<> Oracle Nirupam<> Oracle Rakesh<> Oracle Ranu<> Oracle Dixy<> C.A Patti<> C.A AC<> C.A DP<> C.A Patke<> C.A Chandu<> Novell Anu<> Novell PJ<> Infosys + delloite Aara<> Infosys + CSC Bhargav<> Infosys + Verizon Unni<> Wipro + Delloite Maddy<> TCS + delloite Pappu<> TCS + IBM Bavs<> TCS + IBM Poo <> TCS + CSC Ravi <> TCS + Verizon Lahari <> TCS + Verizon Manjusha <> TCS + Verizon Kaa <> Kanbay + Amdocs KG <> Kanbay + Amdocs Pandey <> Wipro + Adobe Rajjo <> IBM + Adobe Darbari <> Novell + Adobe J.LO <>

Friday, August 20, 2004

Just another day...

well last night (morning would be more appropriate) I slept @ 4am after watching Kyun Ho Gaya Na ... movie was ok .. not very good .. a typical romantic Hindi movie and almost predictable ... Ash was looking veryyyyy beautiful... Amitabh was a little boring ... his role could have been easily avoided ... ... I think indian cinema makers should learn something from hollywood directors... if you are making a love story make it like A Walk to remember ... .. This movie changed my perception about Hollywood that they can't make a romantic movie with songs... Though I have seen some of the very good romantic movies like "You have got mail", "Notting Hill", " A walk in the clouds" ... but "A walk to remember" is The Best.... just see the lead pair in the following pic ahhh !! I was writing about today ... doesn't matter ... tomorrow I'll write about today :) ..

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Test ...

last time I posted through mail .. but it didn't appear on the site .. it's just another test ..

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Just installed sage in my browser (firefox) .... well it rocks .. a very good rss reader... now I can read news of rediff very easily ... no need to open all those links for every article...

Kya hai mera Lakshya !!!

These days I am feeling kind of Lost... actually not at all feeling happy... why ?? I tried to find the answer... but all in vain ... Actually I don't know what to do next .. I mean I am studying in one of the best institues of India. . 'll join a nice company after leavin this instt... But what next ??? may be girls .. but girls are not really in mind right now.. may be something else .... ahhhh .. what is that .. need to do a lot of thinking ... eeeeeeeeee getting frustoo .... going to watch some movie :D

Monday, August 09, 2004

I am feeling Lucky ...

...everything seems going so well for me ... I am getting things ab't which I used to dream and at some places more than that ... 1st I became the class rep, then got a job in Oracle, now TAship... well ! Thank you God for everything ... Rakesh Call Me@91-9849229238 My Home Page:

Monday, August 02, 2004

Friendship Week

I am very lazy .. and this can be seen here .. last time I updated my blog after more than 15 days and today it is after a week or so... well, the new month has come with Friendship day to begin with .. I had a good time on first ... talked to some of my long lost friends... All of them are very busy in their work.. Mukesh is not getting much time off from his job, Yashvir is prparing for his job interview.. I am sure he will get some good job. Sabi is also very busy with her work. I think I am the luckiest of them. Still in college and enjoying my days but I really miss them a lot ... Well, apart from the 1st august, rest of the week was as usual. Didn't do any productive work .. wasted mine as well as Vidit's time... I think, in last week ; almost every day we planned to go for Lakshya but somehow we couldn't make it ... Ok Vidit never mind .. we will see it tomorrow... lol .. Yesterday was good for me in the sense that I communicated with 3 beautiful ladies ... first got mails from Indrani and then chatted with Yashvir's friend and in the evening talked with Sabi on phone :) .. Happy Friendship Day

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Feeling a little relieved

ahh.. the last few days were the busiest days of my life .. but came very fruitful.. I felt the power of time .. how it makes one very sad at a momment and very next momemnt it makes the same person very happy .. Well !! It was placement season ,(it's not yet over.. only the first round is finished) ... I got placement in Oracle .. a company where, I used to think; that only geeks or toppers go .. but finally I am there... ... any way I am little relieved ... but these teacher will not let us enjoy our final year... it's our final year and they have imposed new rules..that we have to attend 85% of the classes ... wtf.. Is it a college or a jail.. any way only one year ... after that I'll be free

Friday, July 09, 2004

New things...

Las two days were somewhat different ... as Papa was here .. I behave liked a "Sidha Sada Bachcha "... it was nice, as it was first time when somebody from home came here to see me ... And I can't forget yesterday .. when I got the PPO offer CA.. Papa was very happy ... and me too..

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Last Night...

.. it was amazing.. though from traditional perspective it won't give any good impression .. but I enjoyed; enjoyed a lot last night... First time in my life I got drunk , it wasn't the first time when I tasted wine ... but it was the first time when I really felt that I am drunk... and what followed next was also unforgettable ... all of us, were truely ourselves... no hypocrisy... just the reality ... and the confessions .... wow.. I really got to know some new facts ... can't write it here .. becoz some of those were really personal.. ... the only thing that I want to do now is I want to get drunk once again ...

Papa is coming ..

Papa is coming here, day after tomorrow... so for a few days I'll have to become a good boy :-)

Monday, July 05, 2004

Found this poem somewhere ...

Come come along with me to the plateau in the black sky with a thousand stars all bright which melt with your gentle smiles Come sweet angel let's stand on this cloudy floor where we don't need to close our eyes in our place so high Silence listens to our every breath And with the morning sunrise We'd have made a dream to try

Tired of getting my blog up and running

This is another try.. I am just not able to upload pages on my site .. may be this will work...

New beginning ...

.. just changed my room.. it was very tiring experiece, and that too when the previous owner of the room keeps the room soooo clean !! .. ... any way, may be now I'll start studying something ... the placements are at hand and I am still deciding , which topic to read.. God knows what will happen at the end ... .. Ok time for study ..