Saturday, February 12, 2005


I am crossing the limits of utter laziness... I wanted to write about Felicity in last week itself ... I kept postponing it .. and its 13th now... 7 days have gone and still no words for felicity in my blog... You must be wondering why this sudden awakening!!! actually I was going through Thiyagarajan's blog and found one post about our college rock band Insomia... and I thought if he can still remain in touch with with the IIIT, why cant I?? Ok Coming back to Felicity... I was initially very worried about its fate... because of the way things were going on ... in the very beginning there was a mild difference of opinions between the juniors themselves (which we had never seen before in IIIT), then the coming of Avik as Felicity co-cordinator ... which spoilt the mood of juniors... actually it always happens... the culfest is always believed to be a done entirely by the third years.. we faced similar things last year.. so this time we didn't disturb the 3rd years at all... (well another good execuse to hide our laziness :) ) and above all the Amalgam didn't took place... One of the major reasons for cancellation of Amalgam were, we 4th years ourselves. We were pretty busy with our FYPs and test, but looking back into time... the same problems were there in the last year too. Our seniors also were busy with their FYPs and all but still they participated. I think one reason could be lack of enthusiasm from the organisers side.. I still remember how we publicises the whole event last year... where every time one used to go to the students site , a pop up used to be there to challenge him/her saying -- come on guys take this challenge head on... all those posters which we (especially utkarsh) used to paste every other week about Rohit and his love story... to create the feeling of remind students that something is round the corner... I never felt this way this year... Well another reason could be the cultural council... even being a council made entirely from students and for the students.. it always seems to maintain a distance from the students... But as the Felicity started coming closer... things started becoming more clearer... juniors got some good sponsors like M$, Verizon and TCS to cover the expeneses... I started feeling the same way like last year... thanks to the hand made posters of felicity, which were very very beautiful.. Thanx to the person who ever made that.. the idea and the efforts , everything was very extra-ordinary... If anyone reading this post has a pic of that plz tell me where can I get it ... Coming to events... last year I didn't have the time to enjoy any event... I remember I was was so frustrated about this , that finally on the eve of fusion nite I switched off my cell saying to hell with this management work... I need to see something .. I am going to watch atleast one event... and the Fusion Night was so perfect and so enchanting ,I never experienced anything like that .. not even the concert of Rehman and Lata Mangeshkar ... This time I wanted to participate in all the events... and finally participated in almost half of all the technical and cultural events... I remember our junior girls commenting on us "in seniors ko kya ho gaya hai", well just one answer to all of them... "you will realize it next year !!" The technical event started with Online programming contest.. which was a hit ... I think our programming contest is getting more and more respect every year. Sadly, this year our own participants didn't do that well... (Somebody plz kick Amal from my side ) The Online Treasure hunt (Cache In), was also well thought out.... nice set of questions.. we managed to join the top 5 teams to finally reach to the treasure. The online crossword and online quiz were also very interesting. Me, Jaya and Kunal didn't sleep properly for 3 consecutive nights to find the answers for the quiz. Satvik must have spent a lot of time preparing the time.. in making the question... I can never forget the last night, when Me and Jaya got frustrated with various meaningless keywords to search in google. Well sincere efforts always pay back :) and finally the other day me and jaya shared the second spot together for (in Jayaram's words ) "a Princely sum of 300 "each :)) There were many more interesting events like Biz Quiz, IT Quiz..etc The cultural events were also organized pretty well. we participated in Face Painting, Collage Making, Antakshari... and didn't get anything :)) ... anyway as I always say, its not the results which matter, its the spirit and sincere efforts which matter. The stage events were good. The presentation and the management was very good but except the solo singing, the lack of participation was largely felt in all the events. The nights were good.. Bombay Vikings sang really well but I think we needed some person who could have put more enthu in the crowd the only solution could be to have more then one celebrity in one night... well its not possible now... but may be after 4-5 years... I heard that performance of Debu Choudhary was good... I missed that.. I was very tired that day ... The fusion night was as expected the best program of the Felicity. The performance of our college band was mind blowing.. This band has surely travelled a long distance from the Check Check of Shalabh (no offence itended)... Those times listening to Insomnia was a real pain in the neck... Thank God that we have much more talented guys/gals now... Well atleast Vidit will agree with me ..
Insomnia Seems Mr and Ms Felicity has lost its touch over the time... and also we need to have some new ideas...there was nothing new in it. The only good thing was that, our local lad Anand Rathi became the Mr Felicity. This takes me to the results. This time our batch done pretty well. We were everywhere... Ketan got the first prize in Cache-In, me and Jaya did well in Quiz, Piyush as usual did wonders with his songs, winning prizes in group songs. Girls of our batch got first prize in the group folk dance. Parivesh got the second prize in instrumental... Pappu and co and Patnaik won the BizInfo. Sam and team performed as usually very well... winning the prize in western group dance... in Debugging the C bug contest.. 4 teams of our batch were in the top 5... with Amal and Sunil leading the bandwagon... again Bapu and Google and DP repeated the story in Java jargons.. This time all the events were managed pretty well... everything went very smoothly... all the technical events and cultural events were well thought out and well planned... The only problem as I said earlier was lack of participation..... there could be many reasons for this. May be the timing was not correct.. may be the publicity wasn't done properly... Last year the opposite has happened... we managed to pull the crowd... but the events were not that well managed... anyway whatever be the reasons... I hope the current second years will learn ... and do their best At last.... Kudos to all the organizers for organizing every event flawlessly... well guys you are better managers than us :) ...

Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai !!

Just posted this blog on our batch blog and thought I can use it here as well, so just go through about my future wishes.. actually Chandoo's post reminds me of our shimla trip ... when all of us got bored with every possible thing that we could have done on such a trip, i.e antakshari, dumb charades, discussion of love lives ( basically the crushes and crashes ;) ) we moved on to our future plans.. how would we like to see ourselves after say 20-25 years from now... I think initially it was like our immediate goals (2-3 yrs from now0 short term goals ( 5-10 yrs from now) and ultimate wish (20-30 yrs later or after retirement).. but finally we settled on the long term plans... Any way I won't disclose what other said (though there was nothing that secret), let everyone write himself... coming to my future plans... well a little correction.. its not a plan... my wishes for my future life :) I don't really remember what I said that evening... but taking from others and also adding some of my wishes... I would like to see myself living happily with my family in a beautiful house in some hilly area, with a room full of books. A peaceful surroundings... I hope that I'll have a nice, caring and understanding wife to accompany me there :) I don't want to beceome the richest person on the earth, I know that I'll earn sufficient money to have a life like what Kabir has said "Sai, itna dijiye jame kutumb samaye, main bhi bhookha na rahoon, Sadhu na bhukha jaye". That is enough money to take care of myself and any guest that comes to my door... I would love to run a school, not for charity purpose but to help the society which has given everything to me... As per my professional life is concerned, I wish to repeat what Jack Welch has done... Those who don't know Jack Welch never left the first company he joined(GE) for any other company and finally retired from GE as its CEO... Well !! Kuch jyada hi wish kar liya lagta hai... so stopping myself here... keep in touch guys to know the latest news from my side .. --- Rocky

Friday, February 11, 2005

What Kind of shadow am I ??

anime chick
You are a human shadow. If a loved one needs you,
you are always right at his or her heels! Your
deep social connection with human beings
produces your qualities of genuine caring and
charisma. However, at times you are naive to
the true nature of your loved ones. Remember
that humans' gift of free will does not always
lead them in wise directions. But your essence
of love and friendship represent the other
precious gifts of humanity. Overall you are a
strikingly valuable and innocent being who has
a lot to give.(please rate my quiz cuz it took
me for freaking ever to create)

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Movies like BLACK come once in a decade and may be 3-4 such movies come over a century. Its really a masterpiece of a genious, which stands tall among the mediocre films of bollywood. I haven't seen many of Satyajit Ray, Gurudatta or Bimal Roy works, who are called the greatest of greats in bollywood. But I am sure that with this movie SLB deserves a place equal to them. This movie, I think is very diffent from the all other SLB movies. Its like "Mera Name Joker" of RajKapoor. A movie very different from his earlier movies (except may be Khamoshi), but at the same time containing that very special signature of SLB. OK coming to movie... I don't know much about the technical details like screenplay or cinematography and things like that ... but in a pure layman's language... The story was very touching ... The scenes and picturization were too good... the absence of colors (not exactly) and the powerful use of shades of white, black and grey makes every scene wonderful. The acting of all the actors were superb. The acting of Ayesha Kapoor(young Mitchell) and the Rani Mukherjee(mature mitchell) is very enchanting. I always knew that Rani is a good actress but this time her acting was far superior from all of her earlier works. She was like living the character of Mitchell in herself. Amitabh as usual has done gr8 but this time his role as an teacher (Devraj) is very very different and challenging, I don't think anybody else could have equalled his performance. Anyway I found him a little overacting in the later part where he acts an Alzheimer patient and also the make up of Amitabh for this part sucks. Amitabh
There are some scenes in the movie which I can't forget. Like the one where young Mitchell learns the meaning of words. The speech which Rani makes when sister is getting engaged and also when finally she completes her graduation. Rani
I don't expect this movie to be financially successful and I guess even Bhansali didn't make this to make money. I have never seen the blind and deaf people so closely before this movie. This movie shows us that they are also humans and they too have feelings. Its indeed a very brave effort from the director. Great work Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I think this movie is made totally from `Dil Se`. So just watch it, if you like listening to your heart.

Bio-Informatics Class Notes

Today's Elements of Bio informatics Class Notes
class started at 1:30 . I started writing some notes but after 15 minutes I became restless and started writing these notes... just have a look...
  • Bedi is humming some song, which i am unable to identify
  • Its 2 PM students are still pouring in...
  • OK, Finally identified Bedi's Song "Insaaf ki dagar pe Bachchon dikhao chal ke"
  • Sireesh is tryig his best to remain awake :)
  • 2:05 PM Unni comes to the class .. ma'am is loosing her control.. tells to close the door
  • 2:10 kirti, Gaurav Jain, KBJ and gang comes to the class ... Madam can't tolerate anymore ... the main door is also being closed now... oh wait a minute ..who's there on the stairs. Rastogi !!! Run Rastogi run...Let's see whether he can make it or not ... ok now he has climbed the stairs.. approaching towards the door .. but... SLAM ... doors are closed now ... poor chap ...
  • Bedi has come to whistling now ....
  • The guy in front of me (Dhruv) is working on his vocab... trying to concentrate hard on the "Norman Lewis"
  • Ok something interesting in the slides "Human lie in the species --Sapiens" but how is that related to bio-informatics
  • Bedi Once again : "Insaf ki dagar pe bachchon....."
  • 2:20 PM .. 3 more students coming for the class... ha ha they can't come in
  • NO, NOT AGAIN !! The same old NCBI page
  • Ma'am says What's the need for such a classification ?? I hear What's the need for such a class
  • Ok Bhawani is the first one to give up.. Sweet dreams Bhawani
  • Unni and Venki are doing gr8 with BINGO
  • Ma'am is on the board now .. trying to explain something.. I just hope that someone is paying attention to her..
  • Ok now the guy with the "Norman Lewis" has finally given up
  • There is a good competition going on between Madam and sireesh. So far Sireesh is doing well... Oh no our gladiator is losing his grip in the battle... Sireesh with half open eyes now ... no .. full .. no half.. ok ... end of Sireesh episode... Sireesh seems to have some very nice dreams... meanwhile Bedi is still on "Insaaf ki dagar pe .. bachchon dikhao chal ke"
  • New Page
  • He he.. I m feeling very happy.. I think this is the only class in which Pammy seats behind me :)
  • Hey ! What is Nirnimesh doing ?? Can't see from here ... Ok finally got a quick glimpse.. seems he is enhancing his gegraphy knowledge.. searching very hard for Taj Mahal in the map of Hyderabad :)
  • Bedi !! Why is he so quiet ?? Whatz wrong ??
  • Just showed the above line to Bedi.. now Bedi is back to "insaf ki dagar pe ..."
  • Ma'am is successful in hypnotizing the entire class... almost half of the class is sleeping now... the latest entrants in the "Sleeping Babies club" are -- Joon, Underscore, Pappu, Parida, Kirti Sinha, Bolli, Khare (half asleep),Vishnu... and the count is increasing every minute...
  • Another interesting line from the slides " BANANA PANAMA " and I am thinking , how nice it would be to eat bannana on the coast of Panama river :)
  • Ok, Finally Nirnimesh found one Taj Mahal in Hyderabad too !!! strange isn't it. How many Tajmahals are there ??
  • Well !! Its 2:45 PM now .. can't stand this torture any longer.. going to sleep... bye bye Zaalim duniya ... anywat Bedi is still on "Insaaf ki dagar pe bachchon dikhao chal ke "
-- ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›