Thursday, January 20, 2005

Darbari Ka Darbar

Last night was fun ... we had Darbari ka Darbar .. in continuation of Majj's talk ... well for non IIITians .. this was just an get-together of our batchmates, but it was really something special for us .. we didn't do anything .. and neither publicised the event but may be because of some sentiments for the batch, that we are leaving in a few days.. it became very special ... anyway the beginning of the event was very bad ... all courtesy to some bad organizers like me :) and there was a point where me and Adi were almost sure that this is going to be a big flop show... thank God that somehow it ended pretty well ... we had the usual games like dumb charades, Antakshari and the "Ghoda Badam Chai" as usually in our own ishtyle ... The dumb charades involved the enacting of faculty or students. I gave a really tough question to Vidit .. he had to enact Amba kulkarni :)) .. Bapu came with this very wild idea that in Antakashri that if a team is singing someone from that team will have to dance on that particular song... I think this added life in the Antakshri ... though I was an organiser ... I shared the dancing stage with some of the teams ... The final game was Ghoda Badam Chai .. I have played this game many times in my childhood .. but wasn't aware that it is called so ... anyway this game was the biggest attraction of last night... where Adi Become a Murga ... Amal Sang a hindi song in a Girl's voice and told about her BTree ;) ... KBJ did the famous Veena number of Indra... Swati enacted DVD and Patke (though I am not sure whether that can qualify for acting)... Lahari enacted Jaya :) and Javahar Sir. The best part was when Parivesh mimicked PK and Manas and Prof Garry.... and when Jayaram enacted Paddy... It was too good to be explaind here ... Poor Darbari was again the victim of Jaya's jokes :D .. well just for a change this time he was not all alone .. Shetty too got his share with that special comment .. "Perfect Marriage Material " :) Well this was the end of the events... as it was Swati's birthday.. she had brought us a very delicious cake ... which was followed by the sweets that we had brought for the event and the Coffee party (again by Swati). PS: Kunal if you read this .. please give me one snap of maharaja Abhinav Darbari's so that I can add it here ..