Saturday, September 25, 2004

Is Google making a browser..

Seems this is the hot topic these days... if it does surely I'll be among the firsts to use that ...

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Teachers Day Card

We gifted this card to Govindrajulu sir on teacher's Day.. Rakesh

Monday, September 20, 2004

Placment List

My friends placed so far...
Virtusa Tintin<>
Virtusa Priyanka<>
Virtusa Devi<> Kanbay Ankit<> Kanbay PP<> Kanbay Imran<> Wipro Tiwary<> Wipro Kasak<> Wipro Piyush<> Wipro Manjeet<> Wipro Majji <> Wipro Manas<> Infosys Malik<> Infosys Gupta<> TCS Vinod<> TCS Bolero<> TCS Shadab<> TCS Anand<> TCS Kartika<> TCS Nalli<> TCS Jenny<> Verizon Bhopali<> Verizon Khare<> Verison Akhil<> Verizon Jaya<> Verizon Man<> Verizon Ramneek<> Verizon Bedi<> IBM Swati<> IBM Sam<> IBM Pandey<> IBM Mota<> IBM Adi<> IBM Akhil<> IBM Guddu<> IBM Sunny<> IBM Suman<> Amdocs UnderScore<> Oracle Deepika<> Oracle Vindhya<> Oracle Kunal<> Oracle Nirupam<> Oracle Rakesh<> Oracle Ranu<> Oracle Dixy<> C.A Patti<> C.A AC<> C.A DP<> C.A Patke<> C.A Chandu<> Novell Anu<> Novell PJ<> Infosys + delloite Aara<> Infosys + CSC Bhargav<> Infosys + Verizon Unni<> Wipro + Delloite Maddy<> TCS + delloite Pappu<> TCS + IBM Bavs<> TCS + IBM Poo <> TCS + CSC Ravi <> TCS + Verizon Lahari <> TCS + Verizon Manjusha <> TCS + Verizon Kaa <> Kanbay + Amdocs KG <> Kanbay + Amdocs Pandey <> Wipro + Adobe Rajjo <> IBM + Adobe Darbari <> Novell + Adobe J.LO <>