Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle Acquires Sun: Future of Mysql

Big news for Software Industry and for OpenSource software industry in particular: Oracle Aquires Sun.

While the Sun, the brand, might set forever. I think its a blessing in disguise for most of the Sun's offerings, The Spark Servers, The Solaris Operating system and especially Java.

But what about MySQL?

Well, I feel MySQL is going to stay and will thrive in the coming years.

The aquisitions wont affect the mysql community like it didn't affect when mysql was aquired by Sun.
The end users and the developers will hardly see any issue with it. Infact I feel more opensource developers will flock to MySQL as it has got a strongre backing now.

While it would be a golden opportunity for Oracle to kill MySQL. I believe its not going to happen.  Mysql is very popular and has a strong business model.  Larry and others wont try to jeopardise this opportunity. MySQL I feel was never a competitor for Oracle. Oracle is an enterprise operating systems and its competitors in Database business have always been IBM, Microsoft and Sybase, and in this arena Oracle has always been the winner. The thing that Oracle was missing was a strong foothold in web applications and SMB applications. Where MySQL is the king. MySQL's aquisition will give Oracle an edge in this sector as well.
Also, Oracle was already setting grounds to acquired Mysql for a long time now. It had acquired the most populare storage engine for mysql,Innodb long time back and also the last time MySQL was under the hammer, Oracle was one of the very keen bidders.

What I see in the future that, Oracle may use MySQL as a stepping stone towards Oracle DB.  It can use the mysql community to popularize its own homegrown technologies, something like PL/SQL which is clearly lacking in MySQL and will be happily adopted by the developers world around.

So get ready guys. I feel in future the java/mysql/plsql jobs are going to be abundant in the market.


  1. Very well written article, I feel Oracle may use Mysql to familiarize small business with Oracle DB, So whenever the business grow they feel comfortable to move on to Oracle Solutions, may be a win for both Open Source and Oracle ! :)

  2. Besides keen to see some development on Sun Solaris front, lets see how Oracle gonna invest in it.

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