Monday, February 28, 2005

Google cheat sheet

Today while surfing I got to see this cheat sheet of google... some of the things which I liked: OPERATOR EXAMPLE FINDS PAGES CONTAINING... vacation hawaii the words vacation and Hawaii . Maui OR Hawaii either the word Maui or the word Hawaii "To each his own" the exact phrase to each his own virus –computer the word virus but NOT the word computer Star Wars Episode +I This movie title, including the roman numeral I ~auto loan loan info for both the word auto and its synonyms: truck, car, etc. define:computer definitions of the word computer from around the Web. red * blue the words red and blue separated by exactly one word. I'm Feeling Lucky Takes you directly to first web page returned for your query. CALCULATOR OPERATORS MEANING TYPE INTO SEARCH BOX + addition 45 + 39 - subtraction 45 – 39 * multiplication 45 * 39 / division 45 / 39 % of percentage of 45% of 39 ^ raise to a power 2^5 (2 to the 5th power) ADVANCED OPERATORS MEANING WHAT TO TYPE INTO SEARCH BOX (& DESCRIPTION OF RESULTS) site: Search only one website admission (Search Stanford Univ. site for admissions info.) [#]…[#] Search within a range of numbers DVD player $100...150 (Search for DVD players between $100 and $150) date: Search only a range of months Olympics date: 3 (Search for Olympics references within past 3 months; 6 and 12-month date-restrict options also available) safesearch: Exclude adult-content safesearch: sex education (Search for sex education material without returning adult sites) link: linked pages (Find pages that link to the Stanford University website.) info: Info about a page (Find information about the Stanford University website.) related: Related pages (Find websites related to the Stanford University website.)


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