Monday, March 14, 2005

Isn''t it strange !!

Feel like writing something... but what ??? Well there are a a few things which are puzzling me for last couple of days... Most of them are because of Making of Modern Mind class... This course really made me think seriously for some of things which we see in our day to day life....but never give much that much importance that it deserves... There are lots of why's... for which I don't find any answer?? One of them is this paradox about situation of women in India... We Indian think women as the fairer and weaker sex, which supposed to have lesser brain than men... We have statistics to prove this.. In all the games/Athletics women performance has always been one step behind humans... Every R&D team is dominated by males... but isn't it the same India whery every mythological work is full with praise of females. This country worships Durga and Kaali as the symbol of power and Shakti... Our entire freedom movement had one driving mantra "Vande Matram"... We call our country as BharatMata (even though it is named after the king Bharatha...) Similarly the symbol of knowledge is again a Goddess, Goddess Saraswati... Ironically girls are supposed to be sex symbols... but isn't it Kamdev which is seen everywhere in the ancient texts.. with only some mentions of Maya and she too is not an sex-symbol.. and she too is a avatar of Lord Vishnu... When and why did this U-turn in Indian thinking come into existence ???

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  1. Hmmmm ... well :) what to say ... Thank you so much for giving it a thought ...