Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai !!

Just posted this blog on our batch blog and thought I can use it here as well, so just go through about my future wishes.. actually Chandoo's post reminds me of our shimla trip ... when all of us got bored with every possible thing that we could have done on such a trip, i.e antakshari, dumb charades, discussion of love lives ( basically the crushes and crashes ;) ) we moved on to our future plans.. how would we like to see ourselves after say 20-25 years from now... I think initially it was like our immediate goals (2-3 yrs from now0 short term goals ( 5-10 yrs from now) and ultimate wish (20-30 yrs later or after retirement).. but finally we settled on the long term plans... Any way I won't disclose what other said (though there was nothing that secret), let everyone write himself... coming to my future plans... well a little correction.. its not a plan... my wishes for my future life :) I don't really remember what I said that evening... but taking from others and also adding some of my wishes... I would like to see myself living happily with my family in a beautiful house in some hilly area, with a room full of books. A peaceful surroundings... I hope that I'll have a nice, caring and understanding wife to accompany me there :) I don't want to beceome the richest person on the earth, I know that I'll earn sufficient money to have a life like what Kabir has said "Sai, itna dijiye jame kutumb samaye, main bhi bhookha na rahoon, Sadhu na bhukha jaye". That is enough money to take care of myself and any guest that comes to my door... I would love to run a school, not for charity purpose but to help the society which has given everything to me... As per my professional life is concerned, I wish to repeat what Jack Welch has done... Those who don't know Jack Welch never left the first company he joined(GE) for any other company and finally retired from GE as its CEO... Well !! Kuch jyada hi wish kar liya lagta hai... so stopping myself here... keep in touch guys to know the latest news from my side .. --- Rocky

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