Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Movies like BLACK come once in a decade and may be 3-4 such movies come over a century. Its really a masterpiece of a genious, which stands tall among the mediocre films of bollywood. I haven't seen many of Satyajit Ray, Gurudatta or Bimal Roy works, who are called the greatest of greats in bollywood. But I am sure that with this movie SLB deserves a place equal to them. This movie, I think is very diffent from the all other SLB movies. Its like "Mera Name Joker" of RajKapoor. A movie very different from his earlier movies (except may be Khamoshi), but at the same time containing that very special signature of SLB. OK coming to movie... I don't know much about the technical details like screenplay or cinematography and things like that ... but in a pure layman's language... The story was very touching ... The scenes and picturization were too good... the absence of colors (not exactly) and the powerful use of shades of white, black and grey makes every scene wonderful. The acting of all the actors were superb. The acting of Ayesha Kapoor(young Mitchell) and the Rani Mukherjee(mature mitchell) is very enchanting. I always knew that Rani is a good actress but this time her acting was far superior from all of her earlier works. She was like living the character of Mitchell in herself. Amitabh as usual has done gr8 but this time his role as an teacher (Devraj) is very very different and challenging, I don't think anybody else could have equalled his performance. Anyway I found him a little overacting in the later part where he acts an Alzheimer patient and also the make up of Amitabh for this part sucks. Amitabh
There are some scenes in the movie which I can't forget. Like the one where young Mitchell learns the meaning of words. The speech which Rani makes when sister is getting engaged and also when finally she completes her graduation. Rani
I don't expect this movie to be financially successful and I guess even Bhansali didn't make this to make money. I have never seen the blind and deaf people so closely before this movie. This movie shows us that they are also humans and they too have feelings. Its indeed a very brave effort from the director. Great work Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I think this movie is made totally from `Dil Se`. So just watch it, if you like listening to your heart.


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